Audi Boundary

Location 2020 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC
Architech Christopher Bozyk Architects Ltd
GC Ventana Construction
Completed 2016
Effortless sun Sensor shading System

Boundary is a 113,000-square-foot three-storey dealership with a showroom, 23-bay service area, office space and car storage. This is one of the largest Audi dealers in Western Canada so of course the choice was easy when choosing the effortless sun sensor shading system. All aspects of this space needed to be outfitted with our shades which never failed to make us improve on our skills and out of the box ideas.

The angles of the windows gave us an opportunity to showcase our ability to work around and enhance different architectural features.

The high ceilings with support pillars made it hard to reach some of the shade locations but gave the space a vast open feeling. With the combination of Sun sensors and wirefee remotes the shades will move up at night to showcase space and all the beautiful cars inside.


The details

Shade Detail

Ceiling White Fascia and Hembar (Manual)/Ceiling White Hanger and Closure (Motorized)