Openroad Volkswagen

Location 3775 Lougheed Hwy
Architech Christopher Bozyk Architects Ltd
GC Ventana Construction
Completed 2016
We love a challenge and the final result was amazing!

Volkswagen is a 45,000-square-foot two-storey dealership with a showroom, 18-bay service area, office space, car storage, certified pre-owned and car wash. With the latest VW global ‘white frame” design it lends towards the cars to be fully featured, add in our sleek shading system and it’s a seamless modern way of providing just the right amount of shade when truly needed. Fully outfitted with sun sensor shades Volkswagen showcases the effortless motorized system we installed.


The motors were 120vt and Wirelessly controlled via Somfy RTS protocol. We were able to have the electrician install a standard 120 volt outlet inside the pocket making it easier for both parties.  We ordered the motors with ultra slim plugs to fit within the pocket.

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We use the Sunsensor to control the shades automatically when the sun is shining and go up when it’s cloudy. There is also a location override and reception using the Somfy Telis 5 RTS hand remote.

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The installation was done in two phases and completed over a two month period. The structural details of the space made installation challenging. The horizontal beam at the mid point of the window made it hard the position the scissor lift close enough to the window to work inside of the recess pocket, so we would have to use two lift and nose into the areas we needed to access instead of just being able to roll down the window line in parallel.

The details

Shade Detail

Ceiling White Fascia and Hembar (Manual) \ Ceiling White Hanger and Closure (Motorized)