Location Great Northern Way
Architech Proscenium Architecture + Interiors Inc.
GC Ventana Construction Corp.
Completed 2014
LEED Platinum Certified
Sensors monitor sunlight to automatically lower and raise blinds.

MEC head office is specially designed to serve people and inspire them to be active; drive innovation. More than 300 staff fill the building to the four storey, 112,000 square foot structure of wood, steel and glass. Natural light and fresh air flood the space. Sensors monitor sunlight to automatically lower and raise blinds and switch lights on and off, continually optimizing the building’s temperature and saving electricity.

We designed and installed an automated and manual shading system for the space to allow for overall heat and light control and also personal control for each team member at their work station. SOMFY’s Animeo IP Solar Management System to optimize energy efficiency and natural light in space.

In the main boardrooms we designed a custom manual and motorized mixed dual shade to meet clients requests for local manual control for the room darkening shades while the building automation system would control the sun control shades.

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We also installed shade on the interior glass divider between the boardroom and main space to give a sense of privacy and security.

The upper floor workstation has individual open roll shades that they can adjust at each location while the upper shade moves based on the position of the sun.

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The project took around four months to complete and we used six unique shade details to accomplish the customers adjectives. We had to use a mixture of ladders, Bakers scaffolding and Scissor lifts to get the job done and we were very satisfied with the final result.

Office Space
Office Space

The details

Shade Detail

LEGRAND Solarfective – ES-3 Motorized with Pocket Detail \ Louvolite Open roll manual \ Manual Teleshades


Somfy Sonesse 50 RS485 Motors with Animeo IP Solar Management System


Ceiling White Fascia and 
 Hembar (Manual) \ Ceiling White Hanger and Closure (Motorized) \ Black louvolite bracket