Coast Capital HQ

Location 9900 King George Blvd unit 800, Surrey, BC
Architech Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership (MCM)
GC Ledcor Construction
Completed 2016
LEED Gold Certified
A mixture of fixed fabric panels and Manual Teleshades.

This 185,000 square foot facility is located right next to King George Skytrain and is part of Surrey Central. Its 90 degree sloped facades and angular edges created an opportunity for us to showcase one of our custom shading solutions. A mixture of fixed fabric panels and Manual Teleshades in our Trax system, offered the perfect solution for this unique application.

The shades have been recessed in the ceiling system so the shade comes out flush. We used our Trax system to guide the shade down the inclined mullions. The chain retainer also keeps the chain in line with the fabric so that it won’t hang into the room.

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The charcoal fabric really cuts down any glare that would make it hard to see the computer screens and provides a clear view and area around the building. The majority of the building was specified for 10% open fabric but was changed to 3% for the east and south exposures to increase the protection on the side that receives the most intense sunlight.

It took some long hours to get this project completed on time.  The most labour intensive part of the project was cleaning and preparing the aluminium mullions to make sure the Trax would adhere to the window system for years to come. It is a striking building and stands out as a landmark in the area.

The details

Shade Detail

Manual Teleshades (in pocket) with Trax | Fixed panels, Velcro top and bottom for angled glazing.


Manual and Fixed – non operable


Clear Anodized Fascia, trax and chain retainers with fabric wrapped tube and carriers. Steel rods in tubes to hold fabric tight.


Phifer Sheerweave 2360 – V21 Charcoal. *Some south facing windows have since been updated to SW2410 – V21 Charcoal