BYU Design

Location 973 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC
Architech Proscenium Architecture + Interiors Inc.
GC Ventana Construction Corp.
Completed 2018
LEED Platinum Certified
Beautifully and thoughtfully designed new office space.

Bob’s Your Uncle Design is an interior design company that specializes in new construction multifamily residential projects. They provide all of the design options for many pre sale condominium projects throughout Canada. We had the pleasure of working with them in fitting out of shades for their beautiful and thoughtfully designed new (2018) office space.

BYU Design Corridor
BYU Design Corridor
BYU Design Office Space
BYU Design Office Space

We had to install the shades after hours to not disturb the staff. The 18 foot ceilings and working around the existing furniture made it challenging to install the shades. We had to take extra care with our ladder work to make sure the installation was done safely and to avoid damage to the space. The installation was completed over 3 evenings with 2 of our Field Technicians.

The double high windows floods the space with light in the morning till mid afternoon and highlights the open feeling of the office. We used a 1% open Solar fabric to help cut that intense heat but still let in the light. It would be a pleasure to work in this office.

Office Space
Office Space

For the two conference rooms we used a 1 % charcoal fabric to bring some contrast to the white walls and cut any glare that would effect view the flat screen Televisions. All the shade were integrated with the Vantage control system using the Somfy Urstii Universal RTS interface.

The details

Shade Type

Somfy Sonesse 50 ULTRA Quiet RTS Motors 120 Volt and Somfy URTSII to interface with VANTAGE lighting control system


Clear Anodized and Gloss White Fascia and hembar(s)